Darren has been working within the fitness industry for 12 years after graduating with an MSc in Sport and Exercise Physiology.  For the past 2 years, he’s been running his own successful business Fitness Edge.  With an impressive knowledge on all modes of exercise, he believes it takes more than a healthy diet and a nourished mind to be resilient.  Physical activity is key to leading a healthy lifestyle.  Goal setting is vital when it comes to physical exercise, it’s crucial for motivation, measuring progress and tracking results.  He works with clients to help them set realistic goals, providing positive reinforcement when they are doing well and applying constructive feedback in an appropriate way to help progress them. Darren believes that any goal, big or small, when achieved should be celebrated.

We thought we’d catch up with Darren to see what goals he’s currently working towards:

Darren: I am currently in my 6th year of triathlon, and my 4th year of racing long distance events. I have two Ironman events this summer, one in July in Germany, and another in August which takes me to France. My training currently consists of 2-3 swims per week, 3 cycle sessions per week, and 3-4 runs per week. Training volume is currently at 12 hours per week and in the coming weeks will rise to 16-18 hours.

HL: How do you keep motivated?

Darren: I always have a goal in mind, making sure it is realistic but also challenging to make sure I have to put work in to achieve it. The sense of achievement I get makes me want more and strive for greater things.

Without goal setting, there can’t be success


HL: So how important is goal setting to success?

Darren:  Put simply, without goal setting there can’t be success. A goal enables you to create a plan, and when the plan is well executed goals are achieved. Goals test your limits and make you work for something that is worth achieving.

HL: What small steps can people make to help them achieve their goals?

Darren: A goal should be set on something that means something, something that is going to have a positive effect on a person’s life. It could be as small as having a 10 minute walk in the evening, or drinking 2 coffees a day instead of 4, and replacing them with a herbal tea or something similar.  A goal has to have meaning, it cannot be determined by somebody else.

HL: What can we all be doing to live more active lives? 

Darren: Now that the warmer weather is here, there are so many ways people can get out and about and the longer, milder days provide us with an opportunity to try something new.  A brisk evening walk, joining a running club, outdoor fitness classes, or even something a bit more out there like open water swimming or wakeboarding. Learning a new skill gives us a sense of achievement and if we’re being active doing so, then the benefits are countless.

How do you set your own goals and how do you keep yourself motivated and accountable?  Find out more about Darren’s involvement with the Halcyon Life programme and do get in touch for more information.