Today it’s National Fitness Day.  How’s it shaping up?

Exercise is up there with grocery shopping and cleaning.  It’s a chore.  Something that it can be hard to find the motivation to do.  But it doesn’t need to be that way.

By changing our mind set and viewing exercise as a part of our daily routine we can start to lead a healthier more productive life.

If we wait to be less busy, we’ll never find the time to workout.  The key is to accept that we’re busy but find simple ways is to build exercise into our hectic work and family lives.

Here Darren Goswell, Halcyon Life Fitness Expert shares some simple ways to incorporate exercise into our day.

– Go for a short brisk walk whilst on your work breaks.  And if brisk sounds like too much after a stressful morning in the office, still get outside but take a mindful stroll instead.

– Use stairs instead of escalators and elevators.  A bit of cardio between floors will give you a great burst!

– Use a basket rather than a trolley whilst shopping.  Weights whilst you shop.

– Wake up 15 minutes earlier to do a quick full body circuit or run/walk.  There are many free training programmes online.  And really, 15 minutes is all you need to get started.

– Park further away from your office building or supermarket.  Rather than stress that you can’t park nearer to the entrance, see the extra steps as a win.

– Get off a station early and walk.  This may require an earlier alarm but you’ll feel ready to work after putting one foot in front of the other.

– Most of us watch TV or read in the evening so why not double these activities up with exercise?  Indoor cycling, stretching, plank, the list is endless.

By doing simple things like these, we can start to benefit from regular exercise, see the value of doing it and find ways to work it into our already jam-packed schedules.

The benefits might include a decrease in stress as well as improved mood and levels of self-esteem and worth.  Perhaps most importantly, regular exercise keeps your heart in check by improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your system. From here, good habits can start to evolve and we can start to make exercise part of our lifestyles to benefit not only ourselves but our families and peers.