Last month the BBC’s The One Show reported that 1 in 4 people in the workplace are experiencing significant workplace stress and that stress is going to be the next NHS ‘epidemic’. These individuals are not just a bit ‘stressed’; they are experiencing the levels of stress that can result in long-term absence from work and serious mental health issues. Some of these individuals are so badly affected that they leave the workplace never to return, thus making the situation much worse for them, their family, their employers and for our society.

Stress can affect any of us at any time. All it takes is for us to be off our game for a short while to start to feel overwhelmed. Once you are on this slippery slope, anxiety sets in and you start doubting yourself. Left unchecked you lose your confidence and with all the pressures around us, you are at serious risk of burnout and mental health issues.  And Halcyon Life Founder Paul Heywood has first hand experience of the effect of stress.

“I know what it’s like because I’ve been there. I was forced to leave my job as an IT Director in 2015 due to ill-health and stress. It’s been a long journey back to good health but now I’m passionate about helping others avoid the same fate”.

Are you starting to feel the effects of stress? We’d love to hear from you.