BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Food Programme’ recently reported on how misguided conventional advice on our diet has been. It seems the panels which set our national diet policies have been dominated by the big food companies, and many conditions can be avoided or cured with the correct dietary advice.

But the real revelation was that UK doctors are only given between 3-15 hours of tuition in this absolutely critical area of health care in six years of their studies. It’s no wonder that many of our doctors don’t feel comfortable giving simple advice on diet when they are so poorly trained in it. Many diseases are caused by diet deficiencies. The importance of good ‘gut health’ and the role of our microbiome are only just starting to be understood. These factors play a critical role in our health and recovery from illness but who can you turn to for accurate advice in these important areas?

A critical component of the Halcyon Life Programme is personal assessment of your diet by a fully qualified dietitian. By making simple changes to your diet, many conditions can be alleviated and even cured. Are you confused by all of the contradictory dietary advice out there? Come and talk to us. We’d love to hear from you.