Halcyon Life Well-being and Resilience residential programme

Our 2-day residential programme is based on 10 principles of healthy living and covers everything from physical fitness, diet, stress management, relaxation and sleeping well, as well as an introduction to complementary therapies such as reflexology and yoga. During the programme our team of experts will assess every delegate individually and advise them how to improve their diet, fitness and overall health. From this platform we can start to manage their specific stressors to build mental resilience in order to improve their overall performance and to thrive in the workplace

At the culmination of the programme, every delegate will select their own areas for personal improvement and set the goals they wish to achieve. We then support them over the next eight weeks to ensure that these goals are fully accomplished and their new lifestyle has been established. And if they are particularly inspired to pursue a particular area, they can continue to work with any member of our team privately if they wish.

Due to the structured nature of our programmes, they can be run at other suitable venues or client offices, in a range of formats. They are also perfectly suited to private individuals, whatever their circumstances. Please contact us for more information.